Decreased the transportation cost for customer by $6 Million per year through optimal packing of boxes into pallets

Supply Chain and Logistics Optimization

Managing A Globalized Supply Chain

Logistics planning

With Globalization and advances in transportation technology, supply chains are getting more complex with ever increasing demands on them. Increased usage of Air Cargo has opened up one more source of transportation for suppliers to deliver to customers along with conventional land and shipping options. Another critical variable is the lead times of various suppliers with associated uncertainties.

And of course, the driver is the end customer and businesses need to constantly forecast demand. As can be seen, the problem is a complex one starting from forecasting and using the forecast to optimize the supply chain. Needless to say, the supply chain solution needs to have a scenario generation and what-if analysis capabilities.

ORMAE provides expert solutions in Supply Chain and Logistics domain with planners able to visualize end to end Supply Chain as well as scenario generation capabilities to achieve a significant return on investment from your Supply Chain through mid to long term logistics planning.

Expertise Solutions

Image title  Facility location planning

Image title Inbound and Outbound Planning with forecasting demands and lead times

Image title Logistics Planning and Network Optimization

Image title Mid/Long term what-if scenario planning with revenue targets

Optimizing Operations

While the brick and mortar players are developing an internet presence and venturing into delivery, they need to look at maximizing revenue at the same time minimize cost on the supply chain and the delivery routings.

Our expert team provides value addition to senior management with optimized plans to either scale up their businesses with the most cost effective operational ways.