Lower the project operating costs by 5%

Project Management - Capacity Planning

Project Planning and Optimization

workforce planning

For any organization, capacity planning of teams is very important to have right number of teams at right cost to handle inflow of projects for improving team utilization along with project timeline. Our team has expertise in addressing such problems.

Business Problem and Impact

call center planning

Each project has a expected start date and due date along with expected workforce hours. A organization have set of teams each offering certain number of hours monthly and . Any team can do certain number of projects. Any project can only be done by exactly one team. .

Customized Solution 

Understanding the impact of the parameters jointly on expected workforce required lot of pre-work. Then mathematical model was built scientifically to estimate hiring plan along with extra time and under time planning.

Business Impact: These approaches have helped businesses in proper capacity plan in matter of seconds, running multiple what-if scenarios etc.

Expertise Solutions

Image title Minimize total team cost for all the project ensuring all the projects are done before due date

Image title  Project start date, Expected hours needed on each project can be dynamic and change during the course of the project  

Image title  More projects can be added at any time. Any project which has already started can not be reassigned but unstarted project can be assigned to any team

Optimizing Operations

Customized solution for optimal project plan with delivery timeline targets, skillsets required, training needs etc were developed for a global client.

This helped client in maintaining the right pool of resources with optimal overhead and manage the projects at a much lower costs