Optimizing business processes through mathematical modelling

Operations Research

Optimization modeling across industry domains

Operations research (OR) encompasses a wide range of problem-solving techniques and methods applied in the pursuit of improved decision-making, offering better services and improving operations efficiency. These techniques include Simulation, Mathematical Optimization, Queueing Theory, Markov Decision Processes, Econometric Methods, Forecasting, Data Envelopment Analysis, Neural Networks, Expert Systems, Decision Analysis, and the Analytic Hierarchy Process. Nearly all of these techniques involve the construction of mathematical models that attempt to describe the system. Because of the computational and statistical nature of most of these fields, OR also has strong ties to Computer Science and Analytics. Operational Researchers faced with a new problem must determine which of these techniques are most appropriate given the nature of the system, the goals for improvement, and constraints on time and computing power.

Challenges Today


Challenge for Operational Researchers is not only to know these techniques but choose the best approach to address a specific business problem using a combination of these techniques. As every company’s problem is unique and it’s impossible to cover every possible situation, we encourage you to contact us to receive specific advice on optimizing your processes to minimize costs and keep revenues up. Here, we explain some of the ways we employ OR techniques for these sample industries.

How We Help

Our services and solutions for industries range from complex business process optimization to cutting-edge, innovative products. ORMAE solution providers, enables businesses to recognize the needs of consumers, make data-backed decisions, manage product lines, streamline supply chains and reduce operational overhead.

We offer Rapid Deployment Solutions:

  • Optimized Solutions
  • Cloud based solutions
  • Data Science Models
  • Application development and maintenance


ORMAE has specialized solutions in areas of Supply Chain and Logistics , Workforce Optimization with a diversification of these algorithms to other domains. ORMAE is trusted by global MNCs and has helped in digital business transformation ideas which has effected in millions of dollars of cost savings . Our core team of highly skilled Optimization and Data scientists help businesses understand processes to improve by quickly developing prototypes and Next-Gen solutions.