E-Commerce Analytics - Critical Insights for your Business

E-Commerce Analytics

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For many businesses, analytics is a value added support to the company's core business processes. Not so in the case of E-Commerce!

Analytics is the life line of the business. Every aspect of the decision making process borrows key insights from deep analytics.

Key Aspects of E-Commerce Analytics are:

  1. Tracking - Where are the customers coming from, what are they looking at
  2. Conversion - Are the customers dropping off at any point of the process?
  3. Design Campaigns - Based on user data / loyalty, design campaigns, A/B Testing Protocols to improve effectiveness
  4. Optimization - Optimize the website "real estate" to ensure the maximum value for both the company and the customers

Most E-Commerce organizations have sophisticated databases / datamart generation.

But the gap arises in utilising this datamart in a sophisticated manner to generate revenue and generate opportunities for the organization.


Leverage ORMAE's expertise in E-Commerce Domain to unlock the hidden potential in your dormant datamart. Contact ORMAE for a consultation to understand ORMAE expertise and how it can make a difference to your organization.

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