Reduce average waiting times for outpatients by 10% and increase patient satisfaction

Outpatient Flow Optimization

Outpatient Flow Optimization

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For any healthcare clinic or hospital, managing the flow of patients and assignment to doctors and pathological labs are very critical. With help of Data Science and Optimization methods, the right types of patients can be provided right time slots and assigned right sequences inside the outpatient so that the total wait time and congestion are minimized. Also with help of this solution the doctors, pathology labs would be well utilized in terms of loads.

Business Problem and Customized Solution

outpatient flow planning

Optimize the outpatient flow from consultation to pathology to payments and pharmacy optimally by assigning the right patient time slots to doctors and using data science to understand the patient issues while registering and providing right doctors and time slots.

This would not only decrease waiting times, but also provide the right needs for patients by assigning specialized doctors and during peak times load distribution  would also be useful for doctors to spend requisite times and diagnosis  

ORMAE has expertise in data science and optimization problems and solving these kinds of assignment models. Many hospitals are interested to have this kind of a specialized solution which would be of great benefit for both hospitals and the patients.

Expertise Solutions

Image title Minimize waiting times at outpatient flows - consultation, pathology, X-Ray/MRI, Pharmacy

Image title  Assignment of time slots to specialized doctors to control peak loads 

Image title  Use Data Science techniques to instantly provide messages for assigning patients to right slots and doctors as per patients closeness to hospital or clinic etc.

Optimizing Operations

Customized optimization solution for healthcare industry using advanced data science algorithms. With help of these solutions, hospitals can save a lot of operating costs by optimally using consultant doctors and also increasing brand reutation by patient satisfaction.