Industry Leading Optimization and Data Science Solutions Provider


Our expertise is in the ability to develop customized solutions by application of the right set of Optimization / Data Science algorithms suitable for the business problem at hand, subject to any number of business constraints, in the limited time that is available. The goal is to unlock maximum value by helping customers balance constraints, requirements and trade-offs to achieve long term and short term revenue goals.


Become the world leading Optimization and Data Science Solutions and Consulting firm and become the most trusted solutions provider to Businesses who focus on innovative revenue generation ideas with minimum operational costs. ORMAE assists with the sheer variety of algorithms and solutions available in the Operations Research (OR) & Data Science space to identify and implement the most suitable solutions to solve your business’ Optimization and Data Science problems.

Core Values

Customer satisfaction with the most innovative cost effective solution, Data Privacy and Security, Agile Development and Stakeholder agreements are keys to all our success. We provide the most innovative ideas to transform current business processes and optimize the operational costs or maximize revenue potentials.

Our Impact

ORMAE delivers cutting edge cost effective Optimization & Data Science solutions in diverse business domains with direct impact on Revenues. We have helped 25+ clients across the globe including USA, Germany, UAE, Japan & India. We serve large, mid & small enterprises including startups, with majority of our clients being market leaders and unicorns. Our Solutions are tailored to customer needs and able to solve the most complex business process optimization satisfying all operational constraints. Our solution development and implementation team are both skilled at software development and business domain knowledge. Our solutions have already made an impact of saving millions of dollars in operational business processes of more than a billion dollar sized organizations. We are among the few global companies who has all the three analytical pillars- Data Science, Optimization and Advanced Analytics under the same umbrella and can provide a holistic Optimization & Data Science solution.


Dr. Amit Garg

Founder & CEO - ORMAE

Madhumita Das

Managing Partner ORMAE - MENA Region



We have a rich talent pool of Scientists from top Indian and US Institutes providing the best quality deliveries to clients across the globe. This team is being led and mentored by Dr. Amit Garg, who holds a Guinness World Record in Mathematics and represented India in global championships and won medals. Our group also has the privilege of having Mr. Ramanathan Hariharan, a leader in the retail industry sector, as a group Strategic Advisory.Our Team has a good mix of experienced Operations Research Scientists, Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Analytics professionals.

Corporate Partners


AIMMS is a leading vendor of Supply Chain Scenario Planning software. They empower SC teams to optimize their supply chain and explore potential scenarios and strategies enabling trade-off decision-making like costs, risks, service levels, and CO2 emissions.



Gurobi has listed ORMAE as their premier consulting partner. We use Gurobi to solve complex mathematical optimization problems for our customers