Resource Optimization - Operating Rooms & Surgeons

Resource Optimization - Operating Rooms and Surgeons

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For any healthcare clinic or hospital, managing the operations with constraints on operating rooms, specialized surgeons and requirements of donors and recipients matching is always a big challenge.

ORMAE can provide expertise solutions in assigning patients to operating room or surgeons can not only offer healthcare facility to needy patient at lower cost but decrease the waiting time for patients. It can also help in proper capacity planning as well as dealing with seasonal jumps in patients. Our team has expertise in building algorithm of assigning patient to operating room and surgeons optimally.

Business Problem and Customized Solution

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Each operating room as well as surgeon can cater to certain type of patient needs. Operating room needs time for setting up, cleaning etc. Surgeon work in certain schedule based on their personal and hospital needs. Assigning a patient to operating room and surgeon in a way to maximize resource utilization and patient waiting time is strategic business problem.


1. Real time data of patients with specific procedure needs.

2. Existing facility in operating rooms along with existing set of surgeon working for hospital. Hiring additional surgeons cost and schedule may not be known in advance.

Solution: We have expertise of building algorithm of assigning patient to operating room and surgeons. For new surgeons, multiple what-if scenario can be run based on range of cost & schedule data to do capacity planning.

Patient Scheduling Optimization

Patient Scheduling is a challenge for many hospitals. The problem of how to efficiently manage limited resources pops up all the time. An optimization model for hospital patient scheduling with advanced prescriptive analytics tools such as linear programming can quickly help decision-makers identify the best choices.

The technology of mathematical programming has become more convenient in the recent past. Improvements to the algorithmic performance of linear solvers have enabled more complex problems to be tackled in reasonable time frames; ORMAE builds models in coding languages and digitalizes patient Scheduling Optimization increasing the availability of high-quality data.

Our Data Scientists and Analysts demonstrate a higher level of linear programming, working to construct a basic to a complex model of Patient Scheduling Optimization. To do this, we will combine Python and basic knowledge of linear optimization concepts. Understanding scheduling is crucial to the smooth running of various departments.

Effective scheduling benefits all parties: the medical staff, the healthcare provider, and the patients. Our goal is to highlight the potential of analytics to support planning — the model is intended to be a real-world decision support tool. The task is in such a way that the participants make maximum utilization of each session.

Expertise Solutions

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Offering best healthcare at lower cost and reducing patient waiting time

Image title  Optimal assignment of operation rooms to specialized cases more efficiently

Image title  Optimal assignment of specialized surgeons to patients

Optimizing Operations

Customized optimization solution for healthcare industry using advanced data science algorithms. With help of these solutions, hospitals can save a lot of operating costs by optimally using consultant doctors and also increasing brand reputation by patient satisfaction.