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Data Science is perfect amalgamation of programming, analytical, and business skills that allows extracting meaningful insights from raw and unstructured data. Our team of Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Analytical Experts helps companies to crack their toughest data problems by providing state of art algorithms to unveil the critical information needed for future success. We help organizations with deployable solutions providing senior management the insight into their businesses and also combine these to build powerful optimization models.  

Data Science Challenges 

Since Data Science is not a single domain, it includes a variety of tools and techniques in order to get the right data, make sense of it and convert it into business insights. Role of a data scientists is all about playing with big data and making inference from numbers. It is about making sense of this data and numbers and hence mathematics, especially statistics plays a vital part in the day to day routine of a data scientist along with the skillset of  plethora of data wrangling tools. So companies who have datasets spread across organization in xylos and want useful information out of those in future decision making, can consult us for analysing and building right framework and decision support solutions.

How We Help

Our team of data scientists, Data engineers has expert skills in some of the most important programming languages like Java, Python, Scala, Structured Query Language, R statistical computing among other languages.

Our data scientists works extensively with Big Data having a firm knowledge of Hadoop tools and technologies. These set of tools include the Hadoop Distributed File System, MapReduce for processing big data along with the various tools and technologies like HBase, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, among others. We provide solutions that include Data Mining associated with the technique of identifying patterns and establishing relationships in order to analyze large volumes of data and deploy predictive analysis and come up with inferences for the future. In data mining the association rules are deployed for coming up with if/then patterns, finding out how frequently an item appears in a database and so on. We provide expertise consulting and solutions involving regression both linear and logistic, clustering, classification, sequencing of data etc.

We offer:

  • Predictive Analytics Solutions
  • Machine Learning and Cognitive Science Solutions
  • Algorithms involving Decision Trees and Random Forests
  • Application development using Data Science
  • Packaged Data Science solutions with Optimization Models


ORMAE specializes in Optimization and Data Science solutions under the mentorship of Dr. Amit Garg who has over a decade of experience and holding a Guinness World Record in Mathematics. ORMAE has digitally transformed billion dollar global brands and helped them consolidate their market position.