Optimize the material flow across pneumatic channels with priorities and forecasted lead times

Material Flow Optimization

Material Flow Optimizationpneumatic flow

The pneumatic transport system (PTS) requires network optimization to cater to different demands/transactions at different tube stations traversing through a network of tubes. The network joins various sources and sinks/destinations, source here being the station at which capsule is loaded and destination being the point at which capsule is unloaded.

ORMAE has expertise in providing customized solution for this kind of a  network that handles multi-commodity/material of different nature and has multiple constraints while moving from one point to another. Another important aspect of the current network model is that the commodities/material do share common facilities (tube), so to find an optimal flow, we need to solve the problem in conjunction with each other.

Business Problem

material flow

  • Minimize the total time taken by all the carries across all the locations based on weighted sum of priority.
  • Assuring the desired service level (e.g.: 95% of times priority capsules are sent to their destination within 1-3 min.)

Challenges and Impact

Our services and solutions from complex business process optimization to cutting-edge, innovative solutions enables the hospital operations to recognize the needs of patient prioritization and turnaround times through this kind of efficient flow optimization solution in pneumatic tubes.

  • Priority based on the contents in the capsule, the department from which a capsule is being sent and the queueing limit at a given station.
  • Traffic density limits at junctions.
  • Two-way movement cannot occur in any section at the same time.
  • Batching and single flow of contents at given locations.
  • Strategy for sending back empty capsules to balance the number of capsules used.
  • Flow conservation in the system.
  • Capacity of the section.
  • Speed of sensitive products.
  • Speed in horizontal, upward & downward movements.                     

Dynamic priority changes in case of disruptions.

Why ORMAEpneumatic tube

For over a decade, ORMAE has leaders who has specialized in optimization and data science solutions. ORMAE has saved billion dollars for many multinational companies across globe through specialized optimization algorithms. 

We strongly believe that intelligent customized algorithms on top of existing products can create a difference and impact on operations and way of doing business.