Reduce operational costs by 5% through optimal shifts and rosters

Resource Scheduling and Optimization

Optimal Shift Planning with skillsets and other constraints

Logistics planning

A Call Centre Industry faces a lot of challenges in their day to day operations, be it the waiting time of customers across different media (call, chat, e-mail) or the idle time of their employees. The optimum assignment of employees to different media types at different times of the day is necessary for the efficient use of employee skills and for the efficient management of time.

ORMAE provides experise solutions in Shifts Planning and Optimization  with planners able to visualize optimized shifts while able to satisfy all operational constraints on skill set requirements, customer demand fluctuations and operator average call time performances. With this the organization can drive efficiency and productivity by cost effective ways whilst keeping the customer happy.

Business Problem and Impact

call center planning

1.Scheduling of employees in different shifts and assigning them across different media to minimize number of employees

2.Reducing the waiting time of customers by maintaining performance predictor targets

Customized Solution 

A mathematical model consisting of Column Generation Technique was used to schedule the employees to different shifts to reduce the waiting time. The same model was also able to assign the employees optimally to various media type to improve the employee efficiency. Model was modified few times to reduce computational time along with parameter tuning.

Business Impact:Model was able to solve the business problem efficiently by improving the time utilization and workforce utilization as well as reducing the staff requirement.

Expertise Solutions

Image title  Optimal Shift Planning

Image title Reduce waiting times of customers by maintaining performnace targets

Image title Consider skill sets, break hours etc and demand variations across the day

Image title Service levels and average speed of answer to be maintained across different platforms

Optimizing Operations

Customized solution of for optimal shift plans   addressing challenges of skill set requirements, breaks, leave plans, time between two shifts were developed.

Maintained the customer SLAs and performance targets on average response times. 

Optimal manpower which reduced the operational costs by millions of dollars for a global client