Decreased workforce cost by 5% and customer waiting times by optimal shift scheduling in airports

Workforce Optimization


Logistics planning

Workforce Optimization is a key application that many organizations simply miss out on many times by underestimating the benefits of rigorous and analytical optimization. Shift patterns of working are seen in multiple industries with qualification and skill set requirements combining with the leave days. Most common examples would be at Airport / Airline operations, Call Center and Healthcare facilities. It is commonly observed that business practices are set up with one set of assumptions and rarely revisited to check if it is in sync with business requirements.

Another critical application related to workforce optimization is leave scheduling. When done correctly, the right shift scheduling and leave allocation solution can lead to a very high degree of employee satisfaction.

Increasingly companies are realizing that work life balance can contribute to non-monetary sources of satisfaction for employees. In this context, workforce optimization starts becoming a critical application as any operational application.

ORMAE provides expert solutions in optimizing workforce through building shift patterns and rosters meeting all skillset, seniority, leave requirements. Planners are able to visualize monthly rosters and allocate or swap assignments as per exceptions. Scenario generation capabilities and visualization solutions are provided to achieve transparency and full visibility with the highest employee satisfaction.

Expertise Solutions

Image title  Optimizing manpower at airports with different skillset requirements

Image title Optimizing manpower at callcenter with different shifts and demands

Image title Optimal leave and manpower allocation for airline crew

Image title Scenario planner for future manpower skillset to meet operational targets

Optimizing Operations

Our expert team provides value addition to senior management through software solutions with optimized rosters and manpower plans in the most optimal ways.