Machine Learning & Data Science Consultants with Optimization + Gurobi Experts


Machine Learning Consultants

ORMAE Machine learning assists various functional teams to reinvent, resulting in higher engagement in marketing and driving sales, lowering customer acquisition costs, reducing supply chain lost sales and excess inventory, increasing asset uptime, and minimizing maintenance costs.

Our Machine learning specialists help enterprises in the digital landscape to create strategic solutions that deliver tangible business results; we work closely with teams to help enable them in the areas of value identification, delivery, technical frameworks, and data science productivity tool. The task of delivering machine learning solutions across the business enables the ability to develop the cross-functional teams necessary to succeed. 

Our consultants work with teams to understand the business context, data, and desired outcome to develop the most effective machine learning solution. We leverage these technologies through strategic experiments connecting historical data to predictive analytics engines. The advances in machine learning continue with AI making it possible for computers to understand images, text, and real-world data.

Our machine learning consulting services can deliver solutions and results, to offer a market-leading digital commerce platform to digitize and transform business by improving productivity, revenues, and experiences for suppliers and customers.

 Data Science Consultants

Our teams of specialists work extensively in the latest technologies to offer Data Science consultant services, working on a full suite of AI and Machine Learning services. We work with the technology utilized across a variety of global industries. In addition, we provide Customized Machine Learning services tailored to specific business needs and requirements.

Our Data Science consultants focus on supervised learning. Specializing in AI and Machine Learning, we integrate intelligent solutions for enterprises. We work on the goal to achieve dedicated unsupervised learning systems in the future.


Working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is used to stimulate the cognitive abilities and functions of humans,  Ormae  AI developers design algorithms that allow machines to carry out action/tasks that are rules-based quickly and efficiently than human counterparts.

Ormae AI provides reliable, intelligent, and error-free business solutions.   To enhance your competitive edge in the tech-driven business landscape, you can partner with our machine learning specialists and AI as they support and power digital transformation.  We suggest and guide you through AI business specialists for leveraging this technology and reap its wide range of benefits.

Ormae Machine learning (ML) AI focuses on the ability of computers to access data, learn, and gradually improve at tasks through experience.  Ormae as a machine learning specialist and service provider, assist you in the development of AI & ML solutions customized for your business needs, involving some of the best machine learning developers.

As a Data Science consulting firm, we deliver AI-powered software and technical solutions to companies leveraging machine learning algorithms and data to add value to your businesses. We focus on machine learning, AI software development, computer vision, and intelligent automation to help businesses innovate with AI, enrich customer insights, automate processes and be more cost-efficient. We ensure proprietary technologies, exceptional customer care, and constant investment in talent development.

Working together with businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, we have gained insight and experience to analyze the various sizes of companies and business owner’s challenges when planning new data initiatives.

Our team of world-class AI consultants, data scientists, advisors, and ML engineers will add top-notch know-how to your project. We review your current capabilities and defining future goals to make recommendations for technology, tools, and architecture.

Optimization Experts + Gurobi Experts`

Gurobi Optimization Experts is the fastest and most powerful mathematical programming solver available for LP, QP, and MIP (MILP, MIQP, and MIQCP) problems. Many companies are adopting Gurobi Optimization Experts for better performance, faster development, and better support.

As it solves major problem types such as:

Flexible Deployment, as it can be deploy models and solve a single model on one machine. Many users can solve multiple models using many machines. Models can also be solved locally or on an internal or public cloud.

Responsive support, as customers directly access PhD-level optimization experts With Gurobi, get answers when needed in days or weeks.

Full-Featured applications can quickly develop models; Gurobis Python API includes higher-level modeling constructs making it easier to build optimization models. With an interactive interface that uses Python for quick testing.

Flexible Licensing, for both development and Deployment Gurobi, offers a wide range of licensing options to fit the business needs. The Gurobi Optimizer is used by leading global companies across 40 industries to rapidly solve complex, real-world problems and make automated decisions that optimize their efficiency and profitability.

ORMAE aims to deliver the best solver and the best support –as businesses can fully leverage the power of mathematical optimization on their own or in combination with other AI techniques such as machine learning to drive optimal business decisions and outcomes.