Telecom and Call Center

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Who can imagine a world without the ubiquitous smart phone? Chances are you are seeing this website on a mobile device.

Depending on the geography, telecom spend commands an important and ever increasing share of the customer's wallet. However, with the increasing spend, the demands and expectations are also higher.

Can you imagine the impact of an outage on your telecom network? The costs for both the provider and the consumer could be exhorbitant.

Telecom companies generate various types of structured and unstructured data. It becomes essential to analyse these data from logs to predict and prevent failures. This can be achieved only through the most cutting edge of machine learning algorithms.

Network and Tower costs are one of the key costs for telecom companies. Optimal planning of telecom tower network will result in incredible savings for the organization.

Call Center Industry

Customer Service has evolved from being a support service to a key determinant of the customer's experience. In the day of social media and digital systems, the customer expects lightning fast as well as smooth, seamless access to query resolution, complaint resolution and information on new offers.Image title

For companies with high degree of customer interaction, the loads on the call center can be high on a daily manner for (eg. retail banking companies) or reach astronomical levels during special times eg. festival sales and offerings, disruption of an airline / rail company and so on.

Having a large number of call center agents will lead to higher customer satisfaction and lower wait times but increased costs. Reducing agents will lead to lower costs but failure to maintain SLAs.

Optimization is the only way to arrive at a suitable answer to this crucial question.Image title

The next question that arises is how can management monitor customer satisfaction as well as agent performance?

The answer to this lies in the use of sophisticated machine learning algorithms that can perform speech analytics, monitor customer wait times and customer drop cases and provide intelligent response.

The newest trend in the Call Center space is for automated / robotic agents. These agents are purely powered by absolutely cutting edge Analytics.

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