Why Ormae ?

ORMAE Group is led by Dr Amit Garg, who holds Guinness World Record in Mathematics and has represented India in many global championships. He has decade of experience working with leading US firms. In his mentor-ship and a rich talent pool of scientists, ORMAE delivers cost effective Optimization and Data Science solutions in diverse business domains with direct impact on Revenues. We have helped 25+ clients across the globe including USA, Germany, UAE, Japan and India. We serve large, mid and small enterprises including startups, with majority of our clients being market leaders and unicorns.

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Our Services

Our consulting services focus in converting ground breaking digital business transformation ideas into innovative Optimization and Data Science solutions.

Consulting Services

ORMAE provides innovative solutions in Optimization and Data Science to organizations who desire to drive success through digital transformations in most cost effective and productive ways

Training Services

ORMAE provides corporate training to industry leading professionals and managers who would like to create analytical teams and understand possible solutions for striving business growth

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Dr. Amit's achievements and ORMAE Customer excellence

Bayu Wicaksono

Director - Genesys USA

I've worked in Amit since 2011 and managed him directly after I was promoted to Manager of Operations Research Department. Amit is a gifted mathematician (who holds an actual world record) and a talented OR engineer who is instrumental in coming up with many of our complex algorithms.

Mohit Oberoi

Director - Solverminds Solutions

We had first hand opportunity to see the display of his mathematical skills and presentation of his innovative work done in US. We are confounded by his mathematical acumen.

Niladri Das

Manager Operations Research - Etihad Airways

Amit is a creative problem solver and is exceptional in mathematical modeling.He is a very good team person and an asset to organization requiring complex mathematical modeling skills

Dale Flowers

Principal -FAR Synergies LLC & Associate Prof. Cas

I was impressed with Amit’s extreme interest in research that has real world application. Amit is a brilliant man with an extremely large intellectual capacity. Any company that hires him to solve extremely complex analytical problems is going to be extraordinarily pleased with his performance.

Doug Newhard

Executive Director - Hartman Advisor

Amit is extremely talented Mathematician who not only understands the technical portions of his solution, but also takes time to understand the business process he is modeling to ensure his solution matches the real world.

Amy Ilyes

VP - Penske Logistics Engineering

Amit helped us solve many difficult business problems during his tenure at Penske Logistics. He is a truly gifted mathematician and I feel that there are few if any problems that he could not solve

Suleyman Demirel

Senior Operations Research Scientist, Amazon USA

Amit is one of the most brilliant mathematicians I have ever encountered. He has a strong sense of good algorithms, and can draft decent algorithms for complex problems in a very short amount of time. His mental power allows him to develop good algorithms without necessarily prototyping them first.

Timish Garg

Sr Manager Sourcing & Operations, Microsoft USA

I had worked with Amit during my graduate days at Case Western Reserve University. I found Amit as a strong SME in his area. He was go to person for the class for any question in his area. I have no doubt in recommending him as a valuable asset to any organization looking for OR skill set.

Tom McKenna

SVP - Penske Logistics, USA

Your contributions and accomplishments are both impressive and important especially for the strategic customers. Part of these customers’ reasons for continuing to do business with us is that we are able to provide innovative approaches and ideas.

In Mathematics

Founders Message

My promise to customer is ensuring the best in class optimization and data science solutions that can sustain businesses in long run and drive growth even in very constrained situations. In addition to achieving the company vision -“Help businesses in digital transformation through expert Optimization and Data Science Solutions”, ORMAE is committed to growing the business where people enjoy coming to work and are intellectually challenged with innovative ideas. - Dr. Amit Garg