Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare Industry

Dealing with human wellbeing and survival, the criticality of the Healthcare industry to society and Image titlemodern economies cannot be overstated. 

The last few years have seen ever increasing breakthroughs in treating and curing harmful diseases like cancer, auto immune diseases and contagious diseases. This has also been coupled with increasing cost of patient treatment in developing countries. In developed countries with mandatory insurance covers, the debates around healthcare costs are central to economic planning.

In hospital management , data science / optimization techniques can generate significant revenue / cost savings to organizations through optimal patient and material flows and resource scheduling thus providing increased patient satisfaction.

ORMAE has the capability and the domain knowledge to deliver high value solutions in areas of data science and optimization to Healthcare industry

Pharmaceutical IndustryImage title

Drug discovery is a complex process fraught with multiple chances of failure. However, this very nature emphasizes the need for complex analytics tools and systems.

The McKinsey Global Institute estimated that applying big data strategies for better decision making could generate up to USD 100 billion in value across the US health care system , by optimizing innovation improving the efficiency of research and clinical trials, and building new tools for physicians, consumers, insurers to meet the promise of more individualized approaches.

ORMAE's key solution areas:

Image title  Demand Forecasting of outpatients and doctors

Image title Outpatient load balancing and workflow optimization

Image title Material flow optimization at hopitals

Image title Critical Operating room planning and optimization