Car Rental Optimization

SolutionVessel routing

Today, people have many options while travelling via car from one place to another.

They have the options to take the ride by dedicated cabs, sharing cabs or they can even rent the cars. there should always be optimum number of cars available according to the demand and the drivers that has to be assigned to these cars.

A lot of ridesharing companies are providing the car rental services in addition to the companies that are purely into this business. These services allow the customers to pick the car from one location and drop to another location. Car rental has became popular mode of transportation just like ride sharing, taxi service & shuttle. Parallelly challenges like maintaining optimal number of cars at certain requirement areas.

ORMAE provides customized optimization solution for solving this dynamic problems scenarios optimizing the fleet size as per continuous demand across geographies

Business Impact

There are rental car outlets across geography. One way car rental leads to imbalance of cars at different outlets. Customized routing algorithm had to be designed to assign drivers to move cars across different outlets to maintain balance. These drivers need to be moved via shuttle between end location of trip to start location of next trip. ORMAE has deliverered customized solution in optimizing the fleet considering the continuous demand shifts across days and manpower constraints

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Our tailored Solution

Image title Minimize number of drivers needed to make car trips

Image title  Minimizing number of shuttles needed to take driver from trip end location to next trip start location

Image title Maximize number of moves for limited drivers for trips and shuttles

Image title  Constraints/Challenges:

          a)Department of Transportation rules for drivers

          b) Drivers shared for trips as well as shuttle driving