Airport Manpower Planning

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Modern airports are centre's of transportation that service a large number of aircraft and passengers every day. When an aircraft lands, a significant number of tasks must be performed by different groups of ground crew, such as fuelling, baggage handling and cleaning. These tasks must be complete before the aircraft is able to depart, as well as check-in and security services. These set of tasks that are collectively known as ground handling, and are the major source of activity with airports.

ORMAE provides customized optimization solution for minimizing the manpower requirement across different airport touchpoints considering traffic movement banks, skillsets and other operational challenges

Business Impact

Assigning ground staff crews as per flight schedules to optimize the shift patterns and manpower. ORMAE provided customized solution to a South East Asian airport to run what-if scenarios and plan to choose the right shifts and skillset requirements to minimize the manpower simultaneously optimizing the schedules for the backup management in the absence of ground staff.

ORMAE studied ground staff requirement based on flight schedule and built optimization model for the client. Model considered breaks impact at strategic level. We tested the model under different permutation of unexpected flight delays and Maintenance.

Client was able to manage operation more efficiently with 5% less ground staff. In case of disruption, algorithm enabled it to reassign staff without too much manual intervention

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Our tailored Solution

Image title Consider Flight delays, Unexpected Maintenance

Image title Considering lunch and tea-breaks, vacation breaks.

Image title Considering 24 x 7 service and key performance indicators such as Customer Waiting Time and Staff Idle Time.