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Life @ Ormae


UI Developer

Working with one of the energetic, inspiring, and collaborative teams like ORMAE is a great opportunity. Tasks are challenging and helping me to think broader. People over here are very supportive, working with team is fun, learning & Development is good which made one of my dreams come true.


Senior UI Developer

The best part of working at ORMAE is the people you get to work with. The team is supportive and transparent, which helps you learn and improve yourself. One gets to work on challenging problems at ORMAE, which makes things a lot of fun!


Data Scientist

ORMAE gives you an opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest in the fields of Data Science and OR. The scope for learning is huge and you get to work on solving practical business and technical problems. The team here is very supportive which makes working at ORMAE a great experience.


Sr. Full Stack Engineer

Been excited since Day 1 at Ormae, I’ve been able to leverage my skills to build robust distributed systems catering to various optimization problems. The impeccable team I work with, helps me push my limits and gives me an immense opportunity to learn various niche yet important problem statements.


Data Scientist II

ORMAE is an organization where learning will be a part of daily routine. One gets to work with passionate professionals in the fields of Operations Research, Data Science, etc. who strive to solve complex problems faced by the client giving utmost importance to the quality of solution delivered.


OR Scientist I

Working at ORMAE has given me opportunities to deal with interesting as well as challenging applications of operations research techniques. Had fun learning how to convert the business problems into math and make a product out of it. Management is good. You can always reach out to your colleagues.


OR Scientist II

Best place to improve core operations research skills. Exposure to multiple domains keeps the projects very interesting. Expert colleagues to work with ultimately improves the whole team. Work here is interesting everyday and challenging as well.


Senior Operations Research Scientist

"Right from my interview, I knew that ORMAE is going to impact my learning experience, as it has been a research-driven organization. The team was open to bring innovative ideas for problem-solving. It is a blessing to work with such experts in this niche field of optimization"


Founder And Chief Scientist, ORMAE

ORMAE was created to give innovative brains an opportunity to develop deep algorithmic expertise to solve extremely complex analytical problems. I also ensure that they understand the business process which are modeled to ensure that solution matches the real world to transforms global businesses


IT Administrator

ORMAE recruits the best of talent from top Institutes. It provides immense growth opportunities to professionals who would like to grow together with a fast growing Optimization and Data Science consulting company


OR Scientist II

At ORMAE, you can find fun but challenging and rewarding experience allowing for high collaboration with fellow employees and a great opportunity for growing and learning.


Sr. Operations Research Scientist

ORMAE provides the right platform to be imaginative and creative. It has been a great experience working with leaders in the industry and harnessing my research skills in the area of Operations Research


Data Scientist II

It's a humbling experience to seek knowledge from the world's best OR experts. Are you searching for an intellectually challenging profession? Front end research in OR? A motivating work culture? ORMAE is the right place for you. Moreover, for me, to work under legends like Dr. Amit, it was a dream came true.