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Life @ Ormae


Senior UI Developer

The best part of working at ORMAE is the people you get to work with. The team is supportive and transparent, which helps you learn and improve yourself. One gets to work on challenging problems at ORMAE, which makes things a lot of fun!


Sr. Data Scientist

ORMAE is an organization where learning will be a part of daily routine. One gets to work with passionate professionals in the fields of Operations Research, Data Science, etc. who strive to solve complex problems faced by the client giving utmost importance to the quality of solution delivered.


OR Scientist II

Working at ORMAE has given me opportunities to deal with interesting as well as challenging applications of operations research techniques. Had fun learning how to convert the business problems into math and make a product out of it. Management is good. You can always reach out to your colleagues.


Sr. Operations Research Scientist

Best place to improve core operations research skills. Exposure to multiple domains keeps the projects very interesting. Expert colleagues to work with ultimately improves the whole team. Work here is interesting everyday and challenging as well.


Data Scientist II

It's been a year that I have been a part of ORMAE and it feels great. You get to work on challenging tasks with some of the best minds, you always have something new to learn and there is abundant freedom to explore your potential to the fullest. The company understands to stay competitive.


OR Scientist II

At ORMAE, we have a passionate team working on the latest OR and Data Science problems in the industry. In very few companies you will have so many OR professionals working together. The amount of learning is immense.


Full Stack Developer

At Ormae, one absorbs the passion that the firm holds for developing a product as a team with the best possible practices, which in turn enhances my skills as a developer.


Back End Developer

I once worked for a company that wanted me off the phone with a customer in 2 minutes. It was hard to figure out what they needed in that time, let alone have the chance to help them. Now I work for a company that makes me proud, empowers me to help clients, and gets me excited to wake up and go to


Senior Front End Developer

Lots of Learning, Joy, Work Satisfaction, Freedom to Express Oneself, Great Team. Jorney at ORMAE so far has been really wonderful.The space and time that was given to learn, understand, and apply are really appreciable. the kind of work, happiness and exposure one can get here is great.


OR Scientist II

At ORMAE, I got the opportunity to work on different business problems and lead the projects under the guidance of CEO himself. Team discussions have been very helpful. The skills learnt are useful in developing the project end to end.


Front End Developer

ORMAE is a great place to work, I liked so many things, like supportive team members, transparent work culture, ample opportunities for learning and growth, and very good management.


Founder And Chief Scientist, ORMAE

ORMAE was created to give innovative brains an opportunity to develop deep algorithmic expertise to solve extremely complex analytical problems. I also ensure that they understand the business process which are modeled to ensure that solution matches the real world to transforms global businesses


Sr. Operations Research Scientist

At ORMAE, you can find fun but challenging and rewarding experience allowing for high collaboration with fellow employees and a great opportunity for growing and learning.


Sr. Data Scientist

It's a humbling experience to seek knowledge from the world's best OR experts. Are you searching for an intellectually challenging profession? Front end research in OR? A motivating work culture? ORMAE is the right place for you. Moreover, for me, to work under legends like Dr. Amit, it was a dream came true.