Decreased the overhead costs by 5% annually

Strategic Workforce Optimization

Workforce Optimization and hiring planner

workforce planning

Hiring decisions are made at strategic level considering workforce fluctuations in different seasons, attrition factor, extra time and under time cost of employees etc. When hiring decisions are made strategically along with proper extra time and under time limits, it can not only decrease the long term workforce cost, it could offer employees more flexibility along with

meeting changing performance predictor expectations. Our team has expertise in addressing strategic workforce optimization need of organizations.

Business Problem and Impact

call center planning

Finding optimal hiring plan for employees of different skillset based on their training period, attrition, seasonal requirement etc.

Customized Solution 

Understanding the impact of the parameters jointly on expected workforce required lot of pre-work. Then mathematical model was built scientifically to estimate hiring plan along with extra time and under time planning.

Business Impact: Strategic workforce planning was not only able to decrease workforce requirement by 5% or so, it was also able to offer customized schedule to workforce to give better quality of life.

Expertise Solutions

Image title  Optimal hiring based on diverse skillset, training needs, attritition etc. to meet demand targets

Image title  Calculating expected full time equivalent for each channel as performance predictor targets 

Image title  Multi-skill agents cost depend on exact mix of skills they have along with unique overtime or undertime limit and cost.

Image title Service levels and average speed of answer to be maintained across different platforms

Optimizing Operations

Customized solution of for optimal hiring plan based on targets, skillsets, training needs, attrition were developed for a global client.

This helped client in maintaining the right pool of resources to meet the demands with lower overhead costs.