ORMAE Founder

Dr.Amit Garg - Founder & Chief ScientistLeaders

Dr. Amit Garg, a Guinness World Record holder in Mathematics is the Founder and Chief Scientist at ORMAE. ORMAE registered in USA, UAE and India is a fast growing Operations Research and Data Science Consulting and training firm whose cutting edge innovative solutions enable customers to maximize their revenue potential and achieve highly efficient operations with minimum costs.

He has decade of industry experience in Optimization and Analytics area in leading MNCs in USA like Amazon, Genesys, Penske to name a few. He completed PHd in Operations Research from Case Western University after completing B.Tech and M.S from IIT, Delhi. He has worked in various industries like Supply Chain , Transportation and Logistics, Automotive, e-Commerce, ITeS and Finance. He has expertise in Optimization Techniques, Mathematical modeling (MIP, IP,LP), Heuristics and Meta-Heuristics. He has applied these in solving complex large scale optimization problems in Supply Chain and Logistics. He is a mentor to various organizations and has been honoured guests in global conferences, Corporates and Universities.

His world record was accepted by "Guinness World Records", "Ripley's Believe it or not", "The Book of Alternative Records, UK", "Limca Book of World Records". He became the first Indian to win a silver medal in mental calculation world championship in Londin, UK. He has represented India in many global championships and done many math shows. He was covered by media in India, UAE, New Zealand ,Mauritius and other countries for his achievement and math shows.

His passion for maths and business acumen is proven by the ways he is able to run his own company, ORMAE and serve billion dollars MNCs in striving for cost optimization and find pockets of revenue potential without affecting productivity.