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We make your company stand out with cutting edge approaches of Operations Research, Machine Learning and Analytics.


Operations Research & Analytics

Operations research (OR) encompasses a wide range of problem-solving techniques and methods applied in the pursuit of improved decision-making, offering better services and improving operations efficiency.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning is field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed". Machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data.

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At ORMAE, we strongly believe in Commitment, Trust, Quality, Security, and Customer Satisfaction. Our Optimization solutions and services ensure that our customers achieve their short term & long term goals when there are constraints, requirements, and trade-offs. Our Data Science services simply ensure that our customers make the best use of data. To know more about us Click Here.


ORMAE is lead by one of extremely powerful mathematical brain Dr Amit Garg who holds Guinness world record in mathematics and presented india in many global championship. He has used his heavy mathematical brain for solving US companies problems for more than 9 years interacting closely with business leaders at Penske, Interactive Intelligence, Amazon and Progressive Insurance. One of his project was patented, another one was kept as trade secret. Read More



1. You want us to develop full analytical software including user interface from scratch

2. You want us to develop mathematical model or algorithm for your Optimization or Data Science problem

3. You want our experts to review, test, and/or validate mathematical model or algorithm written by your staff

4. You want a peripheral view on how Operations Research & Data Science techniques can be applied in your business

5. You want us to offer training or doubt clearing session to your employees in applying best Operations Research & Data Science techniques.

What Business leaders say about ORMAE’s founder

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Thomas M. Mckenna , Senior Vice president of Penske Logistics

Your contributions and accomplishments are both impressive and important especially for the strategic customers. Part of these customers’ reasons for continuing to do business with us is that we are able to provide innovative approaches and ideas. On behalf of the entire Penske Logistics leadership team please know that your contributions and efforts are very much appreciated.

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About Us

Dr Amit Garg, Founder and Chief Scientist: He will be responsible for developing cutting edge algorithms for ORMAE’s clients. He also assists Solverminds in developing such algorithms for it’s products in position of chief scientist.


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