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ORMAE is led by one of extremely powerful mathematical brain Dr Amit Garg who holds Guinness World Record in Mathematics and presented India in many global championship. He has used his heavy mathematical brain for solving US companies problems for more than 9 years interacting closely with business leaders at Penske, Interactive Intelligence, Amazon and Progressive Insurance. One of his project was patented, another one was kept as trade secret.

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You will be directly dealing with mathematical brain who will ensure that solution is implementable and uses cutting edge innovative approaches. When you contact big consulting company, you deal with many layers of people before you can contact minority of experts who are solving your problem. As you are cutting middle man consultants, you keep your cost low for most innovative solution and you keep your relationship direct.
ORMAE and our partners provides unique combination of mathematical and applications development skills. Being an innovation hub ORMAE and our partners have limitless skills to give its customers high quality solutions at unprecedented speed and provide opportunity to reduce cost in timely manner.

How can we help you?

  1. You want us to develop full analytical software including user interface from scratch
  2. You want us to develop mathematical model or algorithm for your Optimization or Data Science problem
  3. You want our experts to review, test, and/or validate mathematical model or algorithm written by your staff
  4. You want a peripheral view on how Operations Research & Data Science techniques can be applied in your business
  5. You want us to offer training or doubt clearing session to your employees in applying best Operations Research & Data Science techniques.

We are here to help you succeed.

Trust and Confidence

We have worked in global environment and understand that all business relations are based on trust and confidence. We place ourselves in our client’s shoes and treat our client as our friend wanting their success and work in a way to enhance that confidence. We understand that sometimes client may not be able to fully explain their analytical needs being unaware of what’s present out there and we work patiently to understand client’s intent.

We take data security seriously. We understand importance of maintaining privacy of competitive edge algorithms developed for our clients. We support you if you need our help on the algorithms we develop for you.

About Us

Dr Amit Garg, Founder and Chief Scientist: He will be responsible for developing cutting edge algorithms for ORMAE’s clients. He also assists Solverminds in developing such algorithms for it’s products in position of chief scientist.


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