Thomas M. Mckenna , Senior Vice president of Penske Logistics

Your contributions and accomplishments are both impressive and important especially for the strategic customers. Part of these customers’ reasons for continuing to do business with us is that we are able to provide innovative approaches and ideas. On behalf of the entire Penske Logistics leadership team please know that your contributions and efforts are very much appreciated.

May 19, 2016

Amy Ilyes, Vice president of Penske Logistics Engineering

Amit helped us solve many difficult business problems during his tenure at Penske Logistics. He is a truly gifted mathematician and I feel that there are few if any problems that he could not solve

May 18, 2016

Mohit Oberoi & Anthony Damian, Directors, Solverminds Solutions and Tech.

We had first hand opportunity to see the display of his mathematical skills and presentation of his innovative work done in US. We are confounded by his mathematical acumen. We had a good discussion on the new innovation in the field of Operations Research and Machine Learning and exchanged notes on the various mathematical algorithms for use in our machine learning products. His keen interest and knowledge in OR and ML, have given us the confidence that Amit can lead the R & D in the area of OR and ML algorithms. We are providing this young prodigy and his organization ORMAE full support and wish him best of luck with his new endeavours.

May 17, 2016

Doug Newhard, Executive Director at Hartman Executive Advisor and former director of Interactive Intelligence

Amit is extremely talented Mathematician who not only understands the technical portions of his solution, but also takes time to understand the business process he is modeling to ensure his solution matches the real world.

May 16, 2016

Niladri, Manager of Etihad Airways

Amit is a creative problem solver and is exceptional in mathematical modeling. Initial phases of the project, he had mentored me in the understanding of some key challenges of users and we had good brainstorming sessions of some methodologies of OR modeling to overcome those. He is a very good team person and an asset to organization requiring complex mathematical modeling skills

May 15, 2016

Dale Flowers, Principal at FAR Synergies LLC and Associate professor at Case Western

I was impressed with Amit’s extreme interest in research that has real world application. Amit designed and implemented optimal algorithms for the multipurpose parallel machine scheduling problem, whereas only weak heuristic procedures had been developed and tested previously. In fact, he found that running his optimal algorithm for only 5 seconds produced answers far superior to any other heuristic procedure, and that in fact they were often optimal answers. There are many real world application problems that have exactly the structure of the problem that Amit solved.
Amit is a brilliant man with an extremely large intellectual capacity. Any company that hires him to solve extremely complex analytical problems is going to be extraordinarily pleased with his performance. He is an extremely nice man who is a good human being.

May 14, 2016

Timish Garg, Senior Sourcing manager at Microsoft

I had worked with Amit during my graduate days at Case Western Reserve University. I found Amit as a strong SME in his area. He was go to person for the class for any question in his area. I have no doubt in recommending him as a valuable asset to any organization looking for OR skill set. He is very analytical, creative and have very good modelling skills to apply to real world problems. He is very efficient in his work and exhibits great commitment to his tasks.

May 13, 2016

Bayu Wicaksono, Manager of Amit at Interactive intelligence

I’ve worked in Amit since 2011 and managed him directly after I was promoted to Manager of Operations Research Department. Amit is a gifted mathematician (who holds an actual world record) and a talented OR engineer who is instrumental in coming up with many of our complex algorithms. He is also my go-to person for anything and everything dealing with LP/MIP. Amit also holds patents relating to some of our optimization algorithms. He is a hard working person who takes his work seriously and professionally, and will make sure that he comes up with a great (not just good) algorithm.

May 12, 2016

Vishwa Ram, Director of Penske Logistics Engineering

Amit worked with me at Penske for over 3 years and during this time proved himself to be an extremely capable OR professional. I know of no one who has a more thorough knowledge of basic optimization and OR techniques. What impressed me most of about Amit, was his ability to utilize his deep technical skills to solve complex and real-world business problems.

May 11, 2016