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Advertising, Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Strategy planning: Today’s highly diverse and competitive world of new media has also created increasing ‘clutter’ and decreasing viewer attention by giving too many options but we can help you by strategically diversify marketing and advertising efforts across different channels under budget and other constraints. In a continuously changing global economy, it is important to scientifically evaluate effects of marketing and advertising campaigns using OR.

Data Analytics: Today, we have ever-growing amounts of data but data is only useful when we can learn from it. We can help you identify what data is crucial to collect and what to make of existing data. Using this data, optimization gives organizations the power to make millions of automated decisions in order to maximize return on investments, while both expanding and improving customer relationships by providing the right people with the right messages at the right time.

Marketing Process: Best marketing approach can mean lot of convenience for potential customers and increased chances of sales. We can help you identifies right method and time to contact potential customer minimizing customer annoyance with limited staff.

Customization: In today’s competitive world, one size fitting all approach does not work. Therefore, customer segmentation and addressing churn rate is very important for strategic planning and has to be done dynamically.

Search Engine Optimization: Scope of OR is increasing day by day in form of sequencing results of different kind of searches. These searches can be searching for appropriate website, product, job, profile, location or partner matching customer’s preferences as much as possible using Goal programming. OR is not only used by travel industry but has helped travel search engines for searching flight, hotel and car rentals. When one goes to internet using search engines for best “high heel wide shoes”, all kind of optimization algorithms run in back end to bring best matching results. We can help you apply best practices of the area.

Business problems include:

Search Engine Results Optimization, Program Planning Scheduling, Automatic Auction Bidding, Customer Behavior Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Auto Bidding, Next Generation Advertising, Product Marketing, Targeted Political Campaigning, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Mix Models, Keyword Optimization For Search Engines

Common Optimization Problems:

  • Combinatorial Auction Problems
  • Linear Regression Problems
  • Knapsack Problems
  • Set Covering Problems
  • Scheduling Algorithms
  • Goal Programming