Supply Chain

Strategic Planning: We can offer a wide variety of supply chain solutions that enable organizations to create an efficient and competitive infrastructure. These solutions help companies reduce operational expenses and maximize resources throughout the production and distribution network.  We can also assist in deciding how to optimize movement of resources across different transportation channels as well as owning, leasing or subcontracting tractors, trailors, drivers etc.

Total Cost Optimization: We can also solve complex supply chain optimization problem which involve your suppliers and customers costs along with yours and enhance convenience of all the parties. They also allow companies to effectively manage suppliers, customers and whole logistics network in order to balance supply with customer demand reducing inventory and routing cost of all the parties involved.

Business problems include:

Shipment Planning, Truck Loading, Vehicle Routing, Maximize Overnight Delivery Networks, Department/Warehouse Location, Driver Scheduling, Inventory Optimization, Fuel Use Optimization, Maintenance Planning, Timetabling, Container Positioning, Resource Allocation, Yield and Revenue Management, Vendor Selection, Workforce Scheduling

Common Optimization Problems: 

  • Network Design Problems
  • Network Flow Problem
  • Multi-Commodity Network Flow Problems
  • Bin Packing Problems