IT enabled Services

Strategic Network Design: We empower ITeS (IT enabled services) companies the ability to solve strategic routing and network design problems in order to provide services their customers want, at a price they want to pay. We provide these organizations with the ability to balance consumer expectations of high reliability, fast response times, low abandonment rate and global connectivity with network capacity and distribution challenges.

Multi-skill Multi-Media Optimization: We assist ITeS industry to allocate their multi-skill agents for different type of medias like call, chat, emails, outbound etc. We can also analyze what amount of multi-skills are helpful for a organization to optimize between additional flexibility at added cost of additional skill set.

Resource Scheduling and Shift Assignment: Hourly cost of agents can depend on variety of factors like location, shift, part time vs full time, skill set. We also need to ensure system’s robustness to handle exigencies. We do resource scheduling in such a way that total cost is optimized and agent get their preferred shift when possible.

Business problems include:

Network Design, Capacity Planning, Network Configuration, Site and Location Planning, Equipment and Service Configuration, Routing and Facility/Element Location, Multimedia Multi-skill Allocation

Common optimization problems: 

  • Network Design problems
  • Facility Location problems
  • Quadratic Assignment problems
  • Goal Programming problems