Regular Operations: We can help government agencies make decisions that influence day-to-day operations as well as complex policy problems. These decisions directly impact the lives of millions. Optimization is used in nearly every government department, including: education, transportation, infrastructure, healthcare, energy and power, recreation, immigration, taxation and business. We can decrease the waiting time, bring more transparency, efficiently use budget maximizing community service.

Defense/Security: We can help you identify optimal utilization of resources, personnel in case of natural disaster management, security threats. We can identify best way to do transport planning in such cases.

Business problems include:

Spectrum Auctions, Program Cost Analysis, Network Analysis, Traffic Flow Management, Queuing Management, Facility and Office Location Planning, Economic Sector Planning, Disaster Management

Common Optimization Problems: 

  • Combinatorial Auction Problems
  • Network Flow Problems
  • Facility Location Problems
  • Quadratic Assignment Problems