Food, Floral and Beverage Industry

Operations Research help tackle some of the most demanding scenarios where food, floral and beverage companies must make decisions about hundreds or thousands of products in order to stay competitive and give customer freshest experience.

Reduce Wastage: Large lead times and inefficient routing lead to so much wastage in perishable goods like food, floral and beverage industry. By Optimizing the routing and decreasing lead time, this can be reduced significantly.

Optimizing routing: These organizations rely on optimization to help maximize production and distribution efficiency while anticipating ever-changing consumer demand to reach the right level of product variety at market-sustainable prices. Efficient network can reduce inventory holding cost as well.

Customization: We can help you with requirements of cold storage, restriction of separate transport of foods causing allergies and other analytic challenges to mode selection and resource optimization.

Business problems include:

Production Management, Batch Tracing, Shelf-Life Management, Inventory Management, Resource Allocation, Distribution Management, Machine Allocation, Inventory Stocking and Reordering, Supply Chain Optimization, Revenue Management

Common Optimization Problems: 

  • Blending and Mixing Problems
  • Vehicle Routing Problems
  • Network Flow Problems
  • Multi-Commodity Network Flow Problems
  • Facility Location Problems
  • Quadratic Assignment Problems