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Operations Research Scientist (Senior/ Lead Scientist)

Job Location : Bangalore, INDIA

Experience : 2 to 10 years

Job introduction

We are looking for Senior Operations Research scientist working for the fastest growing optimization and data science consulting firm under the mentorship of world renowned mathematician Dr. Amit Garg ( Guinness World Record Holder in Maths)

Job profile

• Senior/Lead scientist (3-10 year experience for senior level) in designing and implementing complex/large scale optimization solutions. Scientist should have exposure to Operations Research algorithm design and implementation. Advanced analytics experience is preferred.

• Strong background & interest in mathematical modelling including column generation, cutting plane & LP tools like Cplex, Gurobi, GAMS, AMPL is expected.

• Should have a scientific mindset and interest in Operation Research algorithms like Tabu search, genetic search, travelling salesman problem, combinatorial optimization, graph theory, forecasting, simulation model, inventory management, supply chain management.

• Programming experience in C#, C++, java, SQL, python, R, Matlab of optimization algorithm is preferred.

• Ability to understand business problem and convert it as mathematical problem is preferred.

• Exposure to Optimization & statistical software like Arena, SAS, SPSS is preferred.



Strong background in highly quantitative field like Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics or similar fields.

An organization wants to optimize its inbound and outbound supply chain by optimizing its inventory in its central warehouse, just in time re-order cycles with lead times. Describe the key analytical components required in area of Data Science and Optimization to achieve an optimized Supply Chain cycle. (You can choose any organization of choice in retail/e-commerce/airline etc with a set of operational constraints on storage, supplier lead time etc with a forecast outbound demand flow) . Provide a technical solution design presentation

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