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Life @ Ormae


Founder And Chief Scientist, ORMAE

ORMAE was created to give innovative brains an opportunity to develop deep algorithmic expertise to solve extremely complex analytical problems. I also ensure that they understand the business process which are modeled to ensure that solution matches the real world to transforms global businesses


Officer Administration & HR

ORMAE recruits the best of talent from top Institutes. It provides immense growth opportunities to professionals who would like to grow together with a fast growing Optimization and Data Science consulting company


Operations Research Scientist

ORMAE provides the right platform to be imaginative and creative. It has been a great experience working with leaders in the industry and harnessing my research skills in the area of Operations Research


Operations Research Scientist

Its said , if you want to build a culture of high performance, start by taking a look at your office environment. ORMAE gives us such environment to work freely and be innovative. We have a strong employee bonding and a good work culture.

ORMAE offers candidates with a wide range of career opportunities from best in class innovative algorithms development, business analysis and transformations, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. As our company focus is in providing the best mathematical engine for the core business processes, we recruit the best in class talent from top technological institutes and industries.