Biotech, Medical and Pharmaceutical

Biotech and Pharmaceutical: We can use analytical methods to evaluate impact of innovative life-saving treatments. Production and pricing optimization techniques can be used for production management, product distribution and pricing optimization. Purchasing trends can be analyzed to offer important insights.

Hospitals: We offer optimization algorithm for scheduling and assignment problems like kidney patient-donor matching, assigning patients to doctors, assigning patient to operating rooms with different facilities. Queuing theory and simulation models can be used to reduce patient wait time and planning of medical staff. We can also evaluate what additional facilities are worth adding to make a difference to patients via optimization and data analytics.

Business problems include:

Cancer Treatment Planning, Kidney Patient-Donor Matching, Hospital Management, Patient Scheduling, Drug Inventory Control, Disease Control, Managing Patient Length of Stay, Reducing Waiting Time, Flu Vaccine Composition, Medical Staff Planning, Production Management, Product Distribution, Pricing Optimization, Demand Planning, Analyzing Purchasing Trends

Common Optimization Problems: 

  • Matching Problems
  • Network Flow Problems
  • Linear Regression Problems
  • Set Covering Problems
  • Set Partitioning Problems
  • Job Shop Scheduling
  • Simulation