Automotive Industry

We offers a broad range of optimization tools used by automotive manufacturers. These tools are integral to nearly every part of the automotive process.

Facility location and layout: We help you decide where to locate new factories in order to minimize transportation and inventory costs. Optimal internal factory layout including restroom location can lead to significant efficiency and better employee experience.

Process Flow: OR has played crucial role in designing next generation prototypes that use minimal materials while meeting safety requirements. Discover how we can maximize production efficiency, reduce production costs, and boost sales and profitability using Optimization.

Supply Chain Optimization: We can also solve complex supply chain optimization problem which involve your suppliers and customers costs along with yours and enhance convenience of all the parties. We can also assist in deciding how to optimize movement of resources across different transportation channels as well as owning, leasing or subcontracting trucks, trailors etc.

Business problems include:

Material and Parts Planning, Vehicle Prototype Design, Maintenance Scheduling, Inventory Optimization, Production Management, Site Location, Distribution Management, Demand Planning, Inventory Stocking and Reordering, Vendor Selection, Direct Vs Hub Routing, Empty Trailer Transportation

Common Optimization Problems:

  • Facility Location Problems
  • Quadratic Assignment Problems
  • Flow Shop Scheduling Problems
  • Job Shop Scheduling Problems
  • Open Shop Scheduling Problems
  • Vehicle Routing Problem