Airlines and Airports

Planning and Scheduling: We can help airline industry by identifying optimal crew, flight and maintenance schedule. Even though no one knows when exigencies might occur but we can optimally plan for all kinds of exigencies like bad weather, terrorist attack, strikes dynamically to offer best customer experience at lowest cost. Passenger demand levels have been ever-changing and fuel prices can take all kind of curves. By applying OR in revenue management and demand planning, one can be strategic.

Flight Delays: Passengers not only care about cost, they care about flight delays as well. We can help airlines decide how can they assure passengers about delay without incurring excessive costs.

Fees: Excessive baggage and change fee can make one lose customers who have uncertain dates or extra baggage. Zero fees can lead to lower capacity utilization or higher fueling cost because of free cancellation at last minute and weight of the baggage. Scientifically deciding these fees can increase your market share without increasing your cost significantly. We can also help identifying amenities for improving passenger experience at optimal cost giving your market edge.

Contact Center Optimization: We can optimize staff used for making reservation, customer service, frequent flyer accounts etc. Along with reducing waiting time etc. We can also optimize staff used at check-in counters and maintaining low waiting times.

Airports: Decreasing airport layover time can lead to significant cost savings for airline industry. We can assist in identifying optimal airport staff, stand and gate assignment and baggage movement.

In summary, we can help airlines and airports maximize revenue with limited resources   understanding customer preferences to service millions of travelers each year efficiently.

Business problems include:

Crew Scheduling, Flight Scheduling, Flight Training, Fleet Assignments, Fleet Management, Airport Operations, Stand And Gate Assignment, Check-In Counter Assignment, Revenue Management, Maintenance Scheduling, Staff Planning, Cargo Planning, Fuel Optimization, Demand Planning, Vendor Selection, Contact Center Optimization, Flight Delay Analysis

Common Optimization Problems:

  • Network Design Problems
  • Multi-Commodity Network Flow Problems
  • Facility Location Problems
  • Bin Packing Problems
  • Travelling Salesman Problem