Aerospace and Defense

Operations Research area started with research on military operations.

Defence planning: We deliver critical insights that help aerospace and defense professionals make strategic decisions to reduce production costs and streamline operations while balancing logistical and budget constraints with regulatory, environmental and safety concerns.

Disaster Management: Optimization is used to solve high-level problems, such as how to get key personnel to places they’re most needed for projects, how to plan for evacuations or flow of resources like food, trucks, electricity, oil in the case of impending natural disasters or other threats of global disagreement or terrorist events, or how to design and construct planes and spacecraft to reduce weight without sacrificing strength.

Police Force: Strategic location of police force, good mixture of different type of police forces, prioritizing different cases based on analytic investigation can lead to efficient use of our defense resources.

Business problems include:

Line Balancing, Capacity Planning, Managing Production Costs, Minimizing Downtime, Maintenance Scheduling, Regulatory Compliance, Supplier Management, Project Selection, Vendor Selection, Machine Allocation, Facility Location, Mixing Skill Set

Common Optimization Problems: 

  • Vehicle Routing Problems
  • The Travelling Salesman Problem
  • Capacitated Arc Routing Problems
  • Blending/Mixing Problems
  • Job Shop Scheduling Problems
  • Facility Location