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At ORMAE, we strongly believe in Commitment, Trust, Quality, Security, and Customer Satisfaction. Our Optimization solutions and services ensure that our customers achieve their short term & long term goals when there are constraints, requirements, and trade-offs. Our Data Science services simply ensure that our customers make the best use of data.


Our Clients and Strategic Partners

Our Clients

Our clients across the globe benefit from our scientific expertise and vast experience in the field of optimization and data science. Currently, we are developing state of the art optimization algorithms for call center scheduling & improving customer service for a major ITeS company in USA. In addition, we are working on anomaly detection of web infrastructure system for a major US ecommerce retail industry client using machine learning techniques.

Apart from that we are also working in close-coordination with Solverminds Solutions and Technologies, a software and analytics solution providing company specializing in maritime transport. We are developing cutting edge vessel auto planning algorithms as well as machine learning tool along with them. At this point, we are also in discussion with clients in Europe, Brazil, Middle East & India on how their operations can be optimized by state of the art Operations Research & Data Science techniques.

Premier Academic institutions & Global consultants:

We identify top rated faculty & professional in areas of Operations Research & Data Science in India, USA, Europe, Middle East & other countries and work collaboratively with them when needed. We keep ourselves aware of latest research efforts in these fields to deliver most competitive algorithms which can help our clients.

Our people

Dr Amit Garg, Founder and Chief Scientist

He will be responsible for developing cutting edge algorithms for ORMAE’s clients. He also assists Solverminds in developing such algorithms for it’s products in position of chief scientist.

After completing PhD in Operations Research from Case Western Reserve University, Dr Garg worked for more than 9 years in USA helping companies on innovative Operations research problems developing new algorithms, writing MIP models and helping clients in all kind of industries including truck routing, supply chain, automotive, ITeS and financial industry. He has also closely interacted with major US businesses and seen what kind of products are needed by these businesses. He is Guinness world record holder in Mathematics and India’s representative in global mental calculation championships. More details.


Some of his completed projects while working for US employers like Penske, Interactive Intelligence and Amazon are

  1. Frequency, Routing and Mode Estimation: Developed frequency routing and mode determination package along with minimizing inventory cost. This software package reduces the cost based on shipment frequency, routing and mode selection simultaneously. It selects frequency and appointment time in a way that suppliers supplying automotive (and other) clients have smooth operations within supply chain. This package went through many enhancements to give fully operational solutions and expected to reduce cost by $5 million/year.
  2. Customizer pallet optimizer for food client: Developed and deployed the Pallet Optimizer tool by developing innovative heuristic algorithms for company’s customer. This tool decides how to load different types of food product in the pallet meeting complex stacking constraints and minimizing number of pallets. This has the potential to provide cost savings exceeding $6 million/year after full implementation. Implemented Pallet Optimizer for company’s customer, fixing data issues. Developed VBA in Excel based batch file tester for testing before any implementation after enhancements.
  3. Carrier Bid Optimizer Model: This decides which carrier bids to be accepted to minimize total transportation costs. It follows limits on number of carriers, multiple lane discounts etc.
  4. Resource Scheduling algorithm: This algorithm takes individual route with starting and ending time as input. It needs to identify number of trucks, drivers, trailers to optimize total cost. Multiple MIPs were written to solve this complex problem in stages to solve large problems and getting close to optimal results.
  5. Automatic Route Engine testing system: It statistically generates random problems for which routing engine of employer was tested under different permutations. It maintains statistics of time taken, failure, … indicating pattern in response of different routing algorithms.
  6. Assigning team of managers and engineers to multi phase project with phase level deadline optimizing profit: A mathematical MIP model using cplex was written for assigning team of managers and engineers to projects with multiple phases with project and phase level deadline constraints optimizing hiring and overtime cost. Problem was solved using multiple MIP models as the single MIP was too large for cplex.
  7. Balancing service level achievement across contact types in multi-skill, multi-media environment: Wrote combination of MIP models and heuristic algorithm to balance service level achievement in ITes industry across contact types in multi-skill, multi-media environment. Multiple skills refer to service, sales, marketing, … skills. Multi-media refers to call, chat, email, outbound etc. Patent “Method and System for Prediction of Contact Allocation, Staff Time Distribution, and Service Performance Metrics in a Multi-Skilled Contact Center Operation Environment” was filed in September 2014.
  8. Innovative algorithm for strategic workforce planning for back office work: Oscillations in workforce requirement with the objective of meeting service level goal were addressed by this algorithm. Developed a prototype and final model in C# using advanced customized dynamic backlog control algorithm. Algorithm found optimal solution in an environment with multiple local optima.
  9. Identifying extra time or under time in contact center workforce planning for multi media environment: Strategic workforce planning with capture rate constraints, AHT difference, agent preference, chat concurrency is filled with challenges. Model in multi media environment with these challenges was extended.
  10. Data Analytics: Identifying box consumption pattern and establishing replenishment policy. Analyzing line haul rate chart and fulfillment center inventory data to study European market’s demand. Impact of changing cutoff time from fulfillment center was also analyzed in German supply chain network.
  11. Locker Locations: Worked on project of identifying optimal locker locations in UK, impact of number of locker locations on cost, minimizing multiple delivery attempts by driver etc.
  12. Fresh and Prime Now: Worked on impact of different algorithmic approaches on minimizing total cost of fresh and prime now deliveries.


Team of Scientists & Software Engineers

We have experienced machine learning and Operations research scientists with PhD/Masters from top notch institutes in India & abroad who will help us solve biggest challenges faced by clients. The Team possess Research and Industrial expertise in Operations Research, Data Science, Computer Science, and other quantitative disciplines.

About Us

Dr Amit Garg, Founder and Chief Scientist: He will be responsible for developing cutting edge algorithms for ORMAE’s clients. He also assists Solverminds in developing such algorithms for it’s products in position of chief scientist.


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